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TM 1-1520-238-23 10-12 10.2. FUEL SYSTEM SAFETY PRECAUTIONS – continued WARNING For protection from fuel spills keep shirt sleeves rolled down and buttoned. Keep shirt-tail tucked in. Do not carry loose items in pockets. Loose items could fall out of pockets and cause sparks. Do not wear jewelry. Jewelry could strike against metal surfaces and cause sparks. To prevent injury to personnel or damage to equipment, observe normal fire precautions while working on helicopter fuel system. When using fire extinguisher in a confined space, wear a respirator. If fire extinguisher is discharged in a confined space, ventilate space as soon as possible. Serious injury to personnel could occur if vapors are inhaled. If injury occurs, seek medical aid. CAUTION Jet fuel will cause external surface of fuel cell to swell, delaminate, and leak if allowed to contact the fuel cell more than 72 HOURS. Keep jet fuel away from the outside of fuel cells. NOTE Observe fuel system safety precautions in TM 1-1500-204-23 before performing any fuel system maintenance. a. Have one person with a fire extinguisher standby as a safety watch. b. Wear protective clothing. (1) Wear goggles to protect eyes from fuel spills. (2) Wear protective gloves to protect hands while working on fuel system. If gloves become saturated with fuel, replace them. Gloves do not offer protection against chemical burns. (3) Wear apron for protection from fuel spills. (4) Wear standard rubber-soled, leather combat boots for protection from fuel spills. However, combat boots are not impervious to fuel spills. If boots become saturated with fuel, replace them. c. Before performing any maintenance inside fuel cells, observe the following: (1) Observe all cautions and warnings. (2) If working in the forward fuel cell, remove forward fuel cell aft access panel (para 10.8). (3) If working in the aft fuel cell, remove aft fuel cell forward access panel (para 10.33). GO TO NEXT PAGE


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