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TM 1-1520-238-23 11-246 Change 1 11.52. CYCLIC STICK TRIGGER SWITCH REPLACEMENT 11.52.1. Description This task covers: Removal. Cleaning. Inspection. Installation. 11.52.2. Initial Setup Tools: Electrical tool kit (item 378, App H) Light duty laboratory apron (item 27, App H) Heat protective gloves (item 155, App H) Adjustable air filtering respirator (item 262, App H) 5-watt electric soldering iron (item 333, App H) Materials/Parts: Adhesive (item 14, App F) Solder (item 189, App F) Tape (item 202, App F) Personnel Required: 68X Armament/Electrical System Repairer 68X3F Armament/Electrical System Repairer/ Technical Inspector References: TM 9-1090-208-23-2 TM 55-1500-323-24 Equipment Conditions: Ref Condition 1.57 Helicopter safed NOTE This task is typical for pilot or CPG cyclic stick. 11.52.3. Removal a. Enter pilot or CPG station (para 1.56). Observe all safety precautions. b. Remove grip cap (1). (1) Remove sealant from heads of five screws (2) and screw (3). (2) Remove five screws (2) and screw (3). (3) Remove cap (1) from grip (4). GO TO NEXT PAGE M04-3556-1A 3 2 1 4


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