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TM 1-1520-238-23 (1-331 blank)/1-332 Change 8 1.110A. TAIL ROTOR BALANCE AVA KIT INSTALLATION 1.110A.1. Description This task covers: Equipment Installation. Optical RPM Sensor Installation. Accelerometer Installation. 1.110A.2. Initial Setup Tools: Aircraft mechanic’s tool kit (item 376, App H) Aviation vibration analysis test set (item 354B, App H) Blade balancing kit (item 28, App H) Maintenance platform (item 209, App H) 30 - 200 inch-pound 1/4-inch drive click type torque wrench (item 436, App H) Materials/Parts: Screw, machine NAS603-10P Personnel Required: 67R Attack Helicopter Repairer 67R3F Attack Helicopter Repairer/Technical Inspector References: TM 1-1520-238-T Equipment Conditions: Ref Condition 1.57 Helicopter safed 2.2 Access fairing L540 removed 1.110A.3. Equipment Installation a. Enter CPG station (para 1.56). Observe all safety precautions. b. Install Aviation Vibration Analysis equipment (AVA). (1) Remove AVA tail rotor balancing equipment from transport case. Check for possible dam- aged equipment and frayed cables. (2) Place Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) on out- board side of copilot’s armor plate oriented such that the ON/OFF switch is forward with connectors facing up and secure DAU using canvas straps and D-rings. (3) Attach AH-64-to-DAU cable (29304600) con- nector (1) to signal processing unit (SPU) re- ceptacle (2) located beneath and to the right of copilot’s seat. (4) Route AH64-to-DAU cable behind copilot’s seat and around to the DAU. GO TO NEXT PAGE CREDIT CARD MEMORY +28 VDC (TO SIGNAL PROCESSOR UNIT M04-5210-1 DAU CADU J1 J2 J3 M04-5210-2 1 2


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